Vida y Alma

Vida y Alma, is a tribute to heritage and children. It is an artisanal project initiated by two sisters; Graciana and Eloisa, both agronomists and oenologists. In addition, they are third generation wine producers reflecting the passion of two women crafting wines true to their terroir. The story really begins with their great grandfather who came to Mendoza, Argentina from Italy. The influence continued with their grandfather and then Julio, their father. This patriarchal lineage instilled within the sisters a love and respect for the land and wine.

The sisters began their dream in 2006, coincidentally the same year they each gave birth to their first child. The project was named Vida y Alma (Life and Soul) – creating, crafting and caring for these wines with the same passion, dedication and love with which they raise their children.

Graciana and Eloisa first created a 100% Malbec from their vineyards located in Altamira, the famous sub-region of Uco Valley РMendoza, Argentina. This sub-region produces some of Argentina’s finest wines as a result of its exceptional terroir. This area, at the foothills of the Andes, is in the Southern part of the Uco Valley. Seeking more complexity, they crafted the Gran Corte. Gran Corte is a blend between the fruity, soft and generous Malbec, and the complex and noble Cabernet Sauvignon, both of these wines are grown in their Altamira vineyards.

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